Throughout history Investing Money has been a strategy of the elite. Due to today’s stringent lending environment, an opportunity for everyday qualified investors has opened. Many people have lost money investing in stocks, bonds and mutual funds with no collateral or guaranteed return. On the contrary, Real Estate First Trust Deeds are unique investments because they provide a high return, a secured asset and reduced risk calculated against the principal. Whether you’re looking for a safe investment for retirement or you’re simply trying to find a promising opportunity with low risks and high rewards, trust deed investing is an excellent choice for astute investors.

Our investors earn 8% to 20% annually with Trust Deed Investing having the security of knowing that their investments are secured by real estate and backed by a large amount of equity in the real estate. We offer experience and expertise to help turn your cash into a stable, high yield income producing investment through Real Estate First Trust Deed Investing. Looking for higher returns? Check out our Equity Share Investing info below!


Why First Trust Deed Investing with Us?

  • Your money is secured with real estate, a liquidable asset and perhaps the most stable collateral available. You are vested on each note and deed of trust.
  • Your money is secure whether the borrower pays on time or not, based on the equity in the asset and the low loan to value ratio at the time of originating the loan.
  • You dictate which deals you are interested in. You only give money for specific deals that you are interested in when the deal you choose needs funding. We do not require you to invest any funds prior.
  • You dictate the terms of the investment you are interested in, including types of property, location, period of time for payback, interest rate, etc.
  • We offer conservative loan to values with a maximum at 75%. For example, if a property is appraised today for $500,000 then we will not lend more than $375,000. That way if you are the investor on this property you will not only look forward to collecting high interest on your money, but also in the case the borrower can’t pay back you may acquire a property worth $5000,000 for less. Otherwise you will collect all principal and interest owed you via trustee’s sale. Either way you Win!
  • Your money is not mixed with other people’s money into a pool unless we fractionalize a note or investment. You have a choice of course!
  • We do all the diligence and hard work for you to make it easy for you to decide if the investment works for you. We spend time researching, underwriting, and verifying every aspect of the loan file for you. You will receive from us the following at minimum to review an investment opportunity: loan application, preliminary title report, credit report, and appraisal.
  • You know your (ROI) return on investment, before making your final decision to proceed. It does not change like the stock market or other investments based on factors outside of your control.
  • This is a proven type of investing that has been around longer than the stock market.

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Second Trust Deeds / Equity Share Investing

For those investors who wish to be more active or have some of their funds earning a “higher rate of return” in a more aggressive approach to mortgage lending.

  • Placed behind existing or new 1st mortgages.
  • Combined Loan To Value determined by particular project & Investors level of comfort.
  • Project funding would include investor participation by making a recorded second trust deed or Investor placing property in their name. (Also available investor placing conventional first mortgage on investment property and placing their own private second behind the 1st.
  • Future Value Equity Participation / Equity Share of Profits.
  • All seconds secured by real estate just as first mortgages.
  • Earn Loan Origination Points.
  • Returns from 10-20% annual can be realized.

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