Become a Private Lender

There is another way besides owning real estate to reap the benefits from the real estate business, and that is to become a private lender. Currently, the housing market is strong allowing real estate investors to profit significantly. As such, it can be a wise investment to be in this business by becoming a private lender. With the real estate market in the bay area stabilized, many people have been purchasing properties in need of repair and flipping them after fix up. Additionally some are now re-embracing the idea of purchasing homes due to a strong market but many are not 100% stabilized rebuilding their credit and past damages financially. Another significant reason for a great market for private investors is the extreme swing of regulations on loan origination from way too lenient to now over stringent. This creates additional borrowers who previously would fit conforming and conventional loan requirements who now are seeking alternative financing for real estate investment and purchases.


When you are a private lender of our institution, we promise to take care of you and your investment dollars. We make sure that you profit in this endeavor by offering you awesome deals with conservative equity positioning, asset protection, hazard insurance, equity buildup, title insurance, promissory notes, and first or second deeds of trust based on your comfort level and risk vs. reward desires. These offerings will not just allow you to profit but these will secure your investments too. Securing your investments is on top of our list and we want to gain your trust and confidence through great performance and results over time. We treat private lenders as the spine of our real estate finance business because without you, we don’t provide and people can’t acquire properties. Private lenders help this business move which is why we truly value your presence.


Advantages of Private Lenders

One of the advantages of private lenders is that they are free from the burden of physically investing in real estate. Some people who are into fixing and flipping homes need to deal with a lot of details before they can acquire profit (and only if they are successful) whereas private lenders just lend their money through private lending companies like us and they receive their rate of return. The returns are big yet the risk is lower.


Currently, private lenders are protected by private lending institutions. This means that become a private lender is a secure endeavor. For instance, coupled with escrow and title insurance assures there is hazard insurance with the private lender as named insured lender/additionaly insured. This protects your investment should some issues arise with the borrowers or their property. At, we make sure that your investments are well protected during the underwriting and closing process.


If you want to become one of our Bay Area private lenders, feel free to talk to our trustworthy broker or agents. Our representatives are adept in the field of real estate. At, we train our representatives to practice transparency and maintain integrity because we value your business and trust in us. We look forward to working with you soon to get you on the road to Private Money Investing in Mortgage Notes!


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