Hard Money Loans

iFundRE.net offers both privately funded and institutional loans for commercial and non-owner occupied residential real estate. This type of lending is great for real property investments that require immediate funding, easier qualifying and/or involve difficult or complex transactions. Unlike the traditional loans you get from banks and other private financial institutions, our hard money loan program releases additional capital to you and other would-be borrowers without unnecessary delay and heavy restrictions. In addition, traditional loans are hard to procure since lenders require so many items and conditions from you such as high credit scores and fully documented income. But if you apply for our hard money loan, you will find that it is much less restrictive.

Helpful Tips to Qualify for iFundRE.net Hard Money Loans

  1. Since hard money lending is mostly about the property in question, you need to have, or find the ideal property in order to secure financing. Clear information about the property that would show us that it is indeed a good investment and having sufficient equity will help secure quick funding from us.
  2. Hard money loans are short terms loans therefore it is important that you have an exit strategy. It is important for us that you have plans to sell or refinance the property because this is how we get the funds we lend you back to our investors and lending sources.
  3. On renovation resell projects (flips), it would help you secure funding if you have estimates from the contractor, work schedule / time lines and accurate comparable sales.
  4. Although credit score is not usually considered in hard money loans, we still need you to prove to us that you have the ability to repay, and that you have experience in the kind of business. Also you may provide cross collateral with another piece of real estate to help you obtain enough funding. This is sometimes called blanket loans since one loan may cover multiple properties.
  5. Interest only payments are another unique feature of private / hard money loans. Since these are designed for short term only, it allows a lower monthly payment than a fully amortized loan. To estimate your proposed loan payment, simply multiply the loan amount x the interest rate. This gives you the total of the annual payments. Divide it by 12 and you have your monthly payment.

Example: $100,000 new loan x 10% interest = $10,000 annual total of payments. Divided by 12 months in the year = $833.33 per month. Typically, hard money rates range from 7.99% to 14% annual depending on 1st or 2nd mortgage, loan amount, and the term (length of loan).


If you are into fixing and flipping properties, our hard money loan program is the best program to use in your venture. Here are the things to expect in iFundRE.net’s hard money lending for flips:

  • Borrow up to 70% of the after repair value
  • Secure loan as early as 2 weeks
  • No loan payments for initial term when impounds are held up front
  • 100% financing is possible

These are the types of residential and commercial properties that iFundRE.net welcomes in hard money loan program.

  • Residential income properties (Apartment Complexes)
  • Commercial self-use buildings
  • Strip malls
  • Low rise buildings
  • Mixed use commercial & residential combined
  • Special use buildings (Churches – Medical – Industrial – Commercial Condo – Restaurants – Gas Stations – Parking Lots – Marinas – Hotel / Motel and many more)
  • Single family residences
  • Condominium units
  • Townhouses
  • Row homes
  • Duplexes
  • Triplex
  • 4-plexes

To know more about our hard money loan programs, contact iFundRE.net right now. Our representatives will be happy to explain to you if and how you can benefit from this type of loan.


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