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    Loan Amount Requested $

    I want a new

    Income Verification for past 3 years:

    If you do not have 3 years send what you can. Also, if requesting lite doc or alternate documentation loan, please provide up to 2 years bank statements or job receipts you can.

    Additional Documents Needed:

    Please fill in the form below and download needed documents, fill-in and upload all documents below so we can help you get the best and most appropriate financing for your real estate transaction. We realize some information is repetitive between forms like the 1003 and Personal Statement of Information, so we apologize in advance.

    % of the property.


    Co-Borrower (if applicable)

    Credit Score (Borrower)
    Credit Score (Co-Borrower)
    Type of Property:

    Property Condition:
    Neighborhood Condition:
    Located in:

    Under Contract:
    Estimated Closing Date:

    For Fix/Flips:
    After repair market value $
    "As Is" Value $ * 75% = $
    If repairs needed to bring to market sale condition, estimated amount $

    New construction: proposed amount is $
    Amount new Sq. Ft. =

    For Land & New Development

    Size of lot * buildable allowed % = Max house size permittible sqft
    Underground & Meters On site Cost( $ k )
    Plans and engineering Completed Cost( $ k )
    Cost to build @ $ per sqft = Total Project Cost

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