Fix and Flip/Rehab

Fix and Flip Financing is a type of loan intended for the purchase and/or rehabilitation (fix/rehab) and selling (flip) it afterwards. Successful fix and flip investors usually acquire, improve and resell the property as quickly as possible and with an average of about 30%¬†money out from their own pockets when they use max leverage. (Of course there are many variations from this such as all cash investors and partnerships / Joint Ventures) Some people and companies make fix and flip a way of making extra money while others a full time business. Many utilize LLC’s or Corporations as the owner of the properties as apposed to holding title in their personal names.

Advantages of Fix and Flip Financing

Fix and flip financing is usually a short-term interest only fast closing loan with no prepayment penalty. Once the house is sold, you can venture into another fix and flip campaign again. Nothing to hold you back compared to having long-term loans.

Funding for fix and flip may come from different sources. Such sources can be from hard money loans, private money, or portfolio money. Have you determined how much money you’d want as a loan for a project?

We have everything from 1st mortgage financing to first and second combination loans as well as 100% funding for certain projects with an equity participation at time of sale. Feel free to call, email or fill in the form here on line regaring your funding needs and lets see how we can help you with your next few flips!

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