Residential Purchase Loan

We offer loans for the purchase of residential property, either for your primary residence, 2nd home, or rental property.  We offer many types of Conventional Loans, including Fixed Rate Mortgages  and Adjustable Mortgages.

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Refinance Loans

Capital is very essential in the real estate business. When you have a project, it is crucial that you have adequate funds at your disposal. However, there are instances when you ran out of money. You can approach traditional lenders such as banks but there is no guarantee that these institutions will be able to lend you money right away due to the complicated requirements involved in their loan processes. on the other hand is quick to lend capital to would-be borrowers especially those who have existing investment properties. We love to extend financial aid so you and others who are investing in real estate, will be able to realize your goals in this industry. Through our Refinance Loan Programs, it is possible to lower monthly mortgage payment and increase rental income. Our loan rate is very competitive and we assure that we will approve your additional capital in a matter of days.

Here are the possible advantages if you choose to refinance your current real estate investment:

  1. You can enjoy lower interest rates
  2. You can reduce your monthly mortgage payments
  3. You can take advantage of your property’s rising value.
  4. You can also take advantage of the balance.

Loan Rates and other Terms

Loan rate is subject to real estate practices and laws of the state. We have listed below and overview of what to expect in our Refinance Loan Programs.

  • Loan to Value Ratio:
  • Loan Amount: $Minimum to $Maximum
  • Credit Requirements: (state requirements if there’s any)
  • Interest Rates:
  • Loan Fees: (if there’s any)
  • Loan Terms:

Refinance loans are subject to terms. For more info about our program, talk to our representative. Our dedicated home loans professionals can give you insights and strategies so you can arrive at the best real estate decision.