Why Choose iFundRE.net?

When it comes to purchase loans, refinancing, or venturing into real estate business through rehabbing or real estate development, you need a reliable company that can fund your real estate transaction on time, and has the experience and expertise to provide you with the best lending solutions for your situation.   iFundRE.net became a premier lending service/brokerage in the San Francisco east bay area due to its high quality services and depth of experience in the industry. This is why if you are planning to purchase a home, refinancing or investing in real estate, you need a team that you can count on, that understands the market and has the expertise to recommend the best loan for you. Here are more reasons why iFundRE.net is the best company for loans for your real estate transactions.

  1. To be considered reliable, the people working behind the real estate investment company must have years of experience in the industry.  Paul Lussier started in the business in 1991 and up to this day he is active in providing counsel and financial help to people who have plans in real estate. His expertise in entering and closing real estate deals is backed by years of experience in the field. He was even part of the rebuilding of New Orleans after hurricane Katrina.
  2. The people behind iFundRE.net are both lenders and brokers. Working with them gives you a great advantage because they know the market very well. They aren’t in to make profits alone, but they also want you to succeed. As such, they will help you from the start to finish because your success defines them as well. In short, they give utmost importance to you.
  3. iFundRE.net upholds good ethics and practices. Unlike other companies that rip off their clients due to their hidden agendas, iFundRE.net and its people maintain transparency and good practice all throughout the transaction. They will tell you where you can fully take advantage of your capital and tell you things to avoid so you can safeguard your money.
  4. At iFundRE.net , we help ensure that you get the money for your real estate transaction on time. It is one of the policies of the company to act fast and avoid delays.
  5. We have a vast network in the business. This allowed us to provide clients their needs fast. Our network has also helped our clients get the funding they need to start their venture in real estate or obtain the best mortgage or refinance for their property.